Leiden, city of discovery

Looking to escape Amsterdam and see more of what the Netherlands has to offer? Then Leiden, in the province of South Holland, should should not be missed on your trip to Europe. Just 40 minutes from Amsterdam, Leiden is a charming, historic student city with a relaxed friendly vibe. Visitors to Leiden will find a myriad of places of interest and things to do, no matter which season they come discover Leiden in.

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Five reasons to discover Leiden

  1. Historic sights and monuments
    Dating back to circa 860, Leiden is steeped in history. America’s pilgrims stayed in Leiden en-route to the New World, and many visitors from the USA discover that they have ancestoral  ties to Leiden.
  2. Leiden’s wonderful water wonderways
    After Amsterdam, Leiden boasts the most canals in Holland. Come enjoy more than 28 kms of winding waterways – either in, on or next to the water.
  3. Vibrant nightlife and cosy cafes
    Leiden is a lively student city and as such has a thriving nightlife. From free outdoor jazz concerts to snug pubs!
  4. Charming Hotels
    From luxury boutique hotels to hostels, Leiden has a bed for you. Book your accommodation on Visit Leiden.
  5. Relaxed shopping
    With loads of charming boutiques lining the atmospheric streets, Leiden is an excellent destination for a shopping trip.

Leiden Water Fun

Visit Leiden

Visit Leiden provides English-language tourist information for visitors to Leiden, the Netherlands. What are you waiting for? Book your Leiden hotel here and plan your trip on Visit Leiden today!